22 Feb. 09

Arriving at KK, from Ckg. Anuar’s house, I took Amin to deliver his short after maghrib lecture at Surau An-Nur about his spiritual journey to Islam and giving few advices to the Teknik’s brothers and sisters. The idea came after sessions of getting to know more about each other in our journey to Kota Marudu and Kudat. dsc00782edited

Amin, or Md. Al-Amin bin Abdullah is actually a Spanish. He was born a non muslim and was raised by a foster family.

Then one day with Allah’s will, he discovered a book on comparative religion between Islam & Christianity which was presented in illustrated dialogue. The book really attracted his attention when he was washing a car of an ustaz. At that time he was working as a car washer. He saw the book in the ustaz’s car and out of a deep curiosity, Amin asked the ustaz if he could borrow the book, yet it turned out the ustaz gave the book to him as a gift. To make it short, eventually Amin embraced Islam in a house in Kota Marudu.

This is the book, but the one that I have is the English language version. It was bought in one of Saba Islamic Media branches in Kuala Lumpur. For more details, check out Saba Islamic Media website in my ‘Product Etc.’ link.

Divinity of Jesus? A Dialogue between B. Mudhary & A. Widuri

Divinity of Jesus? A Dialogue between B. Mudhary & A. Widuri

Dalamnya berbentuk dialog berilustrasi/ komik

Inside, the content featured in illustrated dialogue/ comic

Now Amin is a student at the Madrasah Fidzilalil Quran of Kota Belud & insyaAllah he will further his studies to Kelantan. Amin is also a K-9 silat trainer.

It is hoped that one day Amin will become one of the dai’es that will be able to teach his learned knowledge to the children of this land below the wind.


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  1. mohd azzraei says:

    salam… bro.. hehe.. bro masih ada simpan video MKI tu…?? boleh saya minta…. letak ja kat blog sir ni.. nanti saya ambik… email saya…. azzraei91@yahoo.com

  2. inksensei says:

    W’salam. videi mki ada masalah utk diupload sbb trlalu besar.
    InsyaAllah klu dpt, adala tu. Klu xdpt xdela..huhu..=p

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