During the Phase 2 Aqidah Strengthen Program, Ustaz Nicholas Sylvester had shown us a book entitled The X-rated Bible by  Ben Edward Arkerley. As what we or anybody who have actually read the Bible know, the book is actually full of dirty and unsafe information to read, especially to kids. George Bernard Shaw had once said that the Bible should be locked and kept away from children, which is in fact, very true.

Ben Edward Arkerley has compiled all the x-rated related chapters and verses in the Bible into this book. Just by observing the thickness of this book,  we can conclude that Bible, is definitely does not come from God, as claimed by the Christian believers (whom not many of them have really read the whole book). On top of that, it is full of dirty stories such as incest, adutery, sexual polution, homosexuality,  rape, prostitution, nudity, just to name a few.

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If you have information on where can I get or buy this book, please contact me at my email; ink.sensei@yahoo.com It would be a great help. Thank you.


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