Thursday 16 April 09


That evening, Ckg. Anuar with KY, Amin, & I went to the KK Tabung Haji building to set-up  Aslam Niaga product kiosk & the Palestine issue exhibition in conjunction with Charity Dinner for Gaza event that was  organised by UNITAR & KK Politeknik. The event was held at Sri Kinabalu Hall.

Pameran diadakan di sepanjang bahagian depan ruang legar dewan

Exhibition was held along entrance towards the hall

Gerai produk-produk muslim halal yang macam-macam ada

Muslim halal product kiosk with variety of choices


STAY ALiVE Ts. HAMAS Ts left with only 2 after that night. Get it while stock last =)

Meanwhile, Ckg. Anuar also involved in of of the slots that night in which he delivered his talk with slides on the Amal Foundation Humanitary Mission to Palestine, as well as instilling the awareness on knowing what is really happened in Palestine and what can we do to help.


Other than the talk and speeches, there were many varieties of performances that night including nasyid, poem recitation, band performance, song performances, etc.


Poem recitation

Poem recitation


The band performed that night. What's interesting was, they used the Amal Foundation slides as their background clips

The event was an open event meant for everybody regardless of race or religion. I fully support the organizers intention, effort, & determination to do such a noble thing.

I only have 2 comments. One is for the muslims in concern; when we talk about giving donation to help our Palestinian brothers & sisters, we should consider the elements that we can do or can’t do in the performances. In Islam, niat doesn’t halal the method, if the method is prohibited in Islam. It’s okay with everything else, I only want to remind everybody to consider the syariah limits in doing the performances as well as the real intention of the event, which is to help create the awareness & support for the Palestine, & not simply to have fun.

That brings me to my second comment, which I could see that night, many of the guests who took part especially the teenagers seemed to regard the event as just another dinner event. They wore their best clothes (some were sexy too) & busy gossiping & tooking pictures. I see that many of the teenagers do not aware of what Palestine issue is all about but I positively think, if we really work on spreading this issue together, we can achieve a positive effect on them, but, everybody must cooperate, & that includes the individuals, NGOs, & government.

Teenagers are the hope of the countrys’ future. They should not be spoilt with hedonism culture and attitude as what is happening everywhere today. Let’s do something before it’s too late. Before they become adults & have worse teenagers around them…& regarding the muslim teenagers, let’s bring them back to their fitrah, to the one & only Islam.

Barakallahu fiikum.


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