Our Angels in Red
Protectors of Common People
Their lives at stake
No insurance, no money…dignity is all they take home tonight

The Devils in Red Machine

Provocateurs to Common People

Their moral at stake

With money, insurance..what else do they take home tonight?

Unit Amal PAS makes its presence whenever there are possibilities of provocation. Being the first liner in any peaceful demonstration, their hands intertwined, forming solid human barrier, in front of supporters of the said demonstration. For GMI march today, as promised, Unit Amal PAS doubled or rather tripled their barriers.

“Power in defense of freedom is greater

than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression” ~ Malcolm X

Let’s send our kind prayers and thoughts to these unsung heroes, nameless faces we saw in red, today. May God bless them all and their beloved family. If we loved our family, we would never hurt anyone. They, like us, love theirs unconditionally.

Words taken from http://fi-sha.blogspot.com/

* extra video & picture from inksensei & youtube


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