Starting from today, starting from this beautiful & blessful Ramadhan,  STAY ALiVE 2:154 will show videos on our brothers & sisters of Islam everywhere around the world especially the one that revert to Islam. For more videos, go to my Vlog: Long live Islam. Allahuakbar!!!

This video show few cool youths from UK & Finland. They are new muslims but masyaAllah, their enthusiasm & spirit in Islam are great. They even dakwahing to others. Allahuakbar!


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  1. agung supriyadi says:

    assalamualaikum…i am agung..moslem from Indonesia..
    This is a very good news for me..
    Allahu Akbar!!

  2. agung supriyadi says:

    Bro..i have some question about islam development in europe. Would you like to answer it?

    • inksensei says:

      Actually, I’m not an expert on that matter, but there’s no harm in tryin. What’s your question?

  3. agung supriyadi says:

    Are you malaysian?
    well, i often read in news about negative sentiment in west world to islam. Do you, as europe moslem, feels it?
    According to you, what the most effective way to spread dakwah in europe, that most of people in europe are not moslem?

    • inksensei says:

      Yes i am. Live in Malaysia, not a europe muslim. How about u? Are u in indonesia?

      yet, i do read & study a lot about islam in different parts of the world.
      About your question bro, I would say there’s no most effective way. All the ways are effective if it goes well with the situation, the surroundings. They are not easy, but if u do it wisely (with hikmah), you surely gain something insyaAllah.
      Still, there are few good ways that we can focus on based on my observations & experience

      1-Giving of free translated quran (quran can do the dakwahing for itself, that’s for sure),

      2-Use of internet, through youtube, chatrooms, facebook, websites, emails, blogs, (i would say this method contributes a lot to the new muslim reverts incerasing in every part of the western world), not to forget other types of media as well

      3-Charity work (it can be through muslim NGOs, or society, & the contribution should meant for everybody, not just muslims)

      4-Being good muslims (by being good muslims & shows good example to others, muslim will automatically promoting Islam, because that is what Rasulullah s.a.w. did right?

      Those are 4 basic ways that i can suggest. Im sure there are many other ways too. Whatever it is, make sure it is sincerely for Allah, & to save someone to coming to the light of Islam, as Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said, is better than the world & everything that’s in it. MasyaAllah…

      Allah bless you bro =)

  4. agung supriyadi says:

    Thank you very much for your tips..


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