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In the name of God, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ | Peace be with you السلام عليكم

Muslimness started a Sacrifice Yourself Campaign in November ’09 which is our humble way of taking part in noble charities and fundraising online – so you can track our progress and participate. So far our ideas have covered:

– Sponsoring an orphan, this will be achieved through Action Aid.

– Promoting and donating towards local charities.

– Sponsoring individuals who fundraise for performing once-in-a-lifetime acts (skydiving and bungee jumping for example, nutters, now that’s a threatening sacrifice)

Now, we will also be writing to UK Muslim detainees and abroad for supporting those unjustly detained. For a list of UK detainees we currently write to Cage Please note some of the addresses need updating, we will keep viewers informed of changes insha’Allah.

Free , the most comprehensive site for prisoner profiles and actions surrounding Guantanamo bay prison, sent a request to write to detained Maryam Uloho:

“Please remember Maryam Uloho in your prayers. If you have time, drop her a line, or a card to say hello and wish her well. Maryam is a Muslim sister and NAMAW member who has been held unjustly in a Louisiana prison where she has allegedly suffered tremendously because she refuses to remove her hijab. Kind words of encouragement help to keep her spirits up, and they keep the prison on notice that she has people who care about her, and that are in contact with her. The next best thing to a visit, is a note, card or letter to say hello, and that we care.”

Such requests are not political gestures and are not concerned with the legalities of detaining and the judiciary system. This is purely about compassionate support and lending words of comfort.

We invite you to join Muslimness in supporting these individuals PLEASE – add to our numbers by submitting a message below in the comment box with your name (or remain anonymous) as a digital signature – no other details – your short messages will be printed with the rest and posted to sister Maryam Uloho.

If you wish to write to Maryam Uloho yourself, the address is:

Maryam Uloho #464534

PO Box 26
St. Gabriel, LA. 70776

Thank you very much, on behalf of Cage Prisoners and Free Detainees.

Peace & respect ★ By: The Misanthrope | w |


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  1. Salaamun alaykum,

    Jazak’Allah Khair for publishing this request to write to Sister Maryam Uloho.

    I did need to clarify one thing though – while my humble little site tries very hard to be comprehensive – the site that is truly the most comprehensive site is

    Fi amanillah – again shukran. 🙂

    • inksensei says:

      Wa alaikum salam.
      Afwan. We are all brothers & sisters in Islam =)

      Keep on doing what you doing. May Allah bless you guys with strength. InsyaAllah.

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