This is a re-uploaded video of a girl that rocked the lives of many people who thought they already had everything…

The original video was ‘An Invitation’ & was developed and uploaded by TheNinjaGirl01, & the video has has become a phenomena for not only it opened the eyes of non muslims about the peace of Islam, it even lead many to embrace Islam.

Then, suddenly the video was gone from youtube, & TheNinjaGirl01 has become silent since then. The NinjaGirl01 that I know is someone who is very devoted in spreading the message of truth in Islam & to the readers of this blog, I hope you can visit her channel here & send encouragement message to her. That is the least we as her muslim brothers & sisters can do for her.

To TheNinjaGirl01, may Allah bless your efforts with Jannah, remember with Allah you’ll never be alone…

To my brother Nadir who have uploaded this new version of the video, may Allah give you strengths bro, & let you die as a syahid in Islam. Amin.

And especially to all non muslims who watch the video, we invite you to Islam. =)

& to the rest of my muslim brothers & sisters, please spread this invitation…


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  1. I appreciate the work that you have put in, in this page. Really good,

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