As usual, busy with work, & work as in my job is just a small part of the work. Adding up to it, now I’m also involve with NGOs directly. Just got my laptop back from the reformation. My camera is running out of batt power, so need to recharge before I can update my, or should I say, chasing the backdated matters that are left behind. Due to the reformating, I’ve lost my Xara Picture Editor software, which makes it hard for me to edit pictures like before. Still, at least I still have the camera. Better that than nothing.So don’t mind me for the ‘standard’ photoes after this.

So, anybody with Xara Picture Editor 0r Xara Extreme Software do let me know? Or anybody have any idea where can I buy the software CD?

Meanwhile, several things happen to me, many things I’d rather keep to myself. I have few paths waiting for me to decide, & every road will lead to different ways. Yet I’m still okay. At least for now =) Let’s just say, everything will be alright if you know where you should go, & your reasons for everything. Above all, Allah has shown me His love in mysterious ways. And those ways are just some of the reasons that tell me “with Allah, you’ll never be alone. Alhamdulillah.

Keep praying everybody.


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