Just came back from JB yesterday, for some personal matters. These incoming weeks, there’ll be lots of  personal events that need lots of my attention, which means I may have to sacrifice few things along the way. I pray Allah will ease the ways for me, for I have nothing but good intentions, not just to me, but to those people whom I love & care most.

Last 15th May was Wafiy’s birthday, & though I don’t make it a habit to me , as well as to Wafiy to celebrate birthday, I did celebrate it in my own way, by praying to Allah for a better future for my only beloved son. Wafiy has becoming more talkative these days, & alhamdulillah, he’s learning a lot too.

InsyaAllah, I am in the process of preparing Wafiy for a better life, & with Allah’s grace, insyaAllah, things will get better for both of us.

I’ll keep updating insyaAllah, & my posting may be more brief for the backdated events, but at least it’s better than nothing. The situation in our contry is getting worse, with more people forgetting Allah, & more people just think about getting more money, regardless of whether it’s halal or haram. No matter how busy we are, keep on spreading the truth, keep on bringing up Islam back to the place where it belongs.

To my brothers & sisters in Islam, salam ukhuwafillah. Assalamulaikum.

Take care =)


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