Our cool mentor Syeikh Ala ElSayed


Salam. Last Saturday & Sunday (24 & 25th Dec. 2011) my sister with her hubby, my nephew Syakir & Abdullah Fahmi, Wafiy & I went to Twins of Faith conference at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC). Thanks to the info. by Sis TheRockingHijab in her blog, we were able to know & join the wonderful event, alhamdulillah. It was truly a family festival, where we had events for everybody in the family; the parents, the ladies, the kids, & even the bachelors. What’s more, all the events were splendidly done to instil the true Islamic values that we should practise in our routine daily lives. Stressing that having both knowledge & action is the key for the success of the ummah, the events managed to revive the faith with its straight forward message. Well at least that’s what I get & think 🙂

We had some of the best Islamic scholars & speakers under one roof & the talks were superb. Though a speaker or two may be a bit ‘too’ serious, I believe that if we focus on our intention to learn & improve our faith, that does not matter. Overall, the talks & speeches were awesome, & even the entertainers like the awesome poet Boonaa Mohammed & my bro Mu’adz Dzulkefly were so cool too.

I remember went to the ESQ program before but in Twins of Faith, you don’t need all those effects or music, because here alhamdulillah, the talks & words themselves naturally move & touch & soften your heart. MasyaAllah. Its pure Islamic entertainment & recharging of the heart & mind at its best. It’s about how we should living the deen; thru knowledge, & action.

Bro. Navaid Aziz

The speakers like cool Syeikh Ala Elsayed, Bro. Navaid Aziz who always gives the beautiful stories & ibrah of the sahabah stories, Syeikh Yahya who teaches us a lot about being a good practising muslim, the visionary Syeikh Tawfique Chowdhury , including our very own Ustaz Zaharudin Abdul Rahman & Ustaz Hussein Yee who never fail to teach & remind us in so powerful reminders & words that we were glued to our seats.

Ust. Zaharudin

1 good thing that I’d noticed was most of the participants are the youths. They are the generation that will shape this land in the future & with Islam in their minds, may Allah help this ummah in this country to grow in their knowledge & action insyaAllah. During the conference, many of the youths wore jubah & man they look so cool. Observing that, I was so happy & think if the majority of us can practise the sunnah & being true to our deen, we surely have more & more people coming to this beautiful deen of Islam. Other than that, we also witnessed the superb generosity of Malaysians & the audience in helping the ummah. Allahuakbar.

I couldn’t write much as they were too much to write, I mean, each point by speaker for each slot can be a huge beneficial matters to share, but let me just simply share some of the words that caught my attention & hopefully, taking us to a better level of understanding & action for the betterment of this ummah, insyaAllah.

-Don’t judge others by a moment of their lives.

-Walk the talk, put the word into action.

-Even the devil believes in God, so what does that make you?

-Be a nation maker, not a nation breaker.

-You have no choice of who your family are, but you can always choose your friend.

-Someone said I love you to the Prophet s.a.w, & the Prophet s.a.w. said “Be careful of what you said.” The man said it again & the Prohet s.a.w said; “If you love me, then be ready for hardship that will flow to you like the river.”

-Tawbah is, a turn to Allah, a step to halal, a turn away from haram.

If you hangin out with 9 idiots, you’re probably the 10th.

-Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world, today I am wise so I want to change myself.

-To the muslimahs; you are the daughters of ummu mukminin (wives of Rasulullah s.a.w.) so stand up & be proud & be the best!

-We should learn from history that Allah will give victory to this middle nation.

Jannah has levels, so stop being lazy. Let the competition for jannah begins!

To Mercy Mission, jazakallahu khairan kathira for this beautiful effort. For the next Twins of Faith, perhaps you guys can bring Bro. Nouman Ali Khan here? Now that would be spectacular! Again, alhamdulillah, & thank you 🙂

Some of the rare pictures;

Prayers were done everywhere, at the prayer rooms, & just outside the main hall, like these people did. Beautiful.

Even the future leaders pray at the play land, do you still give excuses?

The children in a true definition of beauty. Allahuakbar.

Below are the videos of some of the workshops that I didn’t attend since I only focus on the events in the plenary hall. Thank Allah now I can watch them too 🙂


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  1. liana says:

    awesome! i’m waitin for sumone to share bout Twins of Faith event..can’t wait to read ur upcomin post 🙂 may Allah gives u ilham n a good health…

  2. Indeed, a very good summary of the whole thing. I couldn’t come up with words to sum up the event. It was just too awesome. Heh.

    • inksensei says:

      Alhamdulillah. Thanks for the visit, after all, you’re the one that informed us about the superb event.May Allah gives you the best reward sis =)

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