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  1. nurilhakim says:

    Salamun alaik akhi..we Malaysian student’s are now in Lubnan and will be traveling to Malaysia in a short time.My mom tells me that we will head to Penang as soon as we get there.Ustaz Abdullah Azam who has moved to Penang will arrange a talk for me at his school.Could we arrange something at yours too?Please leave a message at my mom’s number.I will email it to you now.Hope to meet you and Wafiy in Penang.Happy Ramadhan!

  2. Zulaikha says:

    assalam sir, masih ingat c Skin, plajar lelaki yg masuk islam d surau an-nur sekitar tahun 08-09 , dia minta no fon sir. dia ckp anda bnda dia mau tny. em ni sy bg link fb dia.

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